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Learn About Hidden Non-Vegetarian Ingredients

There are many foods that we think are 100% vegetarian, like yogurt, marshmallows, cheese, cereal, beer and many others. However, food manufactures have become very sneaky and are using "dead" animal products on many of these items. Its sad that the world has come down to this, its almost degrading to us what the USDA and food companies are doing to "fool" us with their foods. In this section, we will let you know what ingredients to look for when you go grocery shopping next time.

Anchovies: Yes we know that as a vegetarian we do not consume any type of fish, however, did you know that some companies use anchovies in many sauces and salad dressings? It can be found in Bloody Mary Mix, Caeser dressing, some Vinaigrette dressings and Worcestershire sauce. This ingredient should be listed as "anchovy Paste". There are plenty of other salad dressings you can use that do not contain this ingredient. When making bloody Mary's, stick to spicy V8, its better for your health and its 100% vegetarian.

Gelatin: This extremely popular ingredient is produced by boiling the bones, skin and tendons of animals like cattle, pigs and horses. After it is cooked it becomes into a jelly or gel form. It is used a thickener and should be avoided by serious vegetarians. This ingredient can be found in: Most Yogurts, Marshmallows, Desserts, Jell-o, Frosted Cereals, Gummy Bears, Jams, Cream Cheese, Margarine and vitamins or pills that come in a gel coating. You can find all these products without gelatin, you just have to search for them and they can usually be found at specialty food stores.

Isinglass: A protein obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. It is usually used to cask-conditioned ales and wines to clear away cloudy residue. It can usually be found on: Most British Ales, White German Wine, and some American Chardonnays. Manufactures are not required to list it on the label, as only trace amounts remain in the finished product. Stick to lager beers and red wine and you will be OK.

Lard: Some of us know what this is this, but for the rest of us, Lard is purified white fat from hogs organs. It can be found on seasoned beans, refried beans, store-bought baked goods and chewing gum. Most of these foods can be found made with vegetable fats instead of lard, you just have to search for them, they will usually be labeled "vegetarian". Make sure you read the labels to skip this ingredient.

Rennet: This is an enzyme extracted from the stomachs of unweaned calves. Rennet is used to coagulate milk when making cheese. Most cheese producers can label this ingredient as "Enzymes" but without noting whether its derived from plant, fungus, or animal. It can be found in many aged and imported European cheeses and prepared cheese sauces. There are vegetarian rennet's such as "Vegetable Rennet" and "Microbial Rennet", and it can be found on many American cheeses and some European cheeses, all you have to do is look at the label.

Vitamin D3: This ingredient is an additive made from fish oils or lanolin (oil from sheep wool). It can be found in Fortified Milk, Fortified Orange Juice, and Margarine. You can find all these items without this ingredient, they will be fortified with Vitamin D2, which comes from plants. But the best way to get Vitamin D3, a few minutes of daily sun will give you enough.













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