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Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

In this section we will talk about all the health benefits a vegetarian diet can do for you. One of the biggest reasons why people become vegetarians, is because of the many health benefits it offers versus a meat diet. Everybody knows that consuming fruits, vegetables, and legumes are great for your heart, keep your cholesterol at bay, help you stay away from high blood pressure and fight off different types of cancers, while consuming meat causes most of these problems. The problem is, if you continue to eat the meats that cause these problems, the fruits, vegetables, and legumes you are consuming are not taking their full effect on your body. By removing the meat, your body fully receives the nutrients it needs to fight off most diseases and keeps your body strong and feeling great.

In the past, the vegetarian diet was looked at as a diet that did not provide enough proteins and was declared non-sufficient, but with a new interest in vegetarian diets by many people, many doctors and health organizations have concluded that a proper vegetarian diet that includes plenty of legumes, nuts and whole grains provides the best nutrition your body can get. The key when becoming a vegetarian is to have a balanced diet, which includes taking some supplements like B12 and exercising regularly. When combined, your body should be at its best and keep you away from the doctors office.

Most meat based diets have been known for causing many health problems, making you go to the doctor's office more frequently, and at the end, costing you a fortune. Between heart-burn, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and food-borne illness, most of which are caused by consuming meat, you can really save a fortune just by choosing a meat free diet. For most of us, its not so much the money we can save, but the fact that are health will be much better, which is worth more than a money in the world. Remember the last time you were sick with flu and laying in bed? you were most likely laying their thinking about what a beautiful day it was outside and how you just wanted to get better so you can enjoy your day. When you eat a balanced vegetarian diet and exercise regularly, you will get sick about 90% less than you do now.

One of the biggest killers in meat is saturated fat and cholesterol, most meats have tons of it, which in turn can cause many health problems. When you stay away from meat, you stay away from saturated fat and cholesterol. Most nuts have a little saturated fat, but its the "good" kind of fat for our body. It is a natural plant based fat, not one that is dead, has been processed, and then cooked or smoked. There are some meats that are lean and have low fat, like chicken breast, however, some studies have suggested that even eating chicken can cause health problems, especially if its not cooked properly, which can cause salmonella.

When choosing a plant based diet, your body still need's plenty of lean protein, so to replace meat, you have a great choice of lean protein alternatives like: beans (all types), soy, plant based proteins, and nuts. Protein helps our bodies function properly so it is extremely important to eat plenty when choosing a vegetarian diet. If these are proteins you never really ate, you can bring them into your diet with little work, like adding white beans to your salad, making Boca burgers, having a hand full of almonds and much more. You can find all sorts of great ideas in our recipes section.

Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables has also been linked with having a stronger metabolism, which in turn will leave you looking slimmer and keep you away from the scale. Fruits with high anti-oxidants like blueberries have also been linked with removing free radicals, which can help in keeping your cholesterol at healthy levels and help fight off certain cancers. Consuming tomatoes are also know for helping men in fighting off prostate cancer. As you can see, having a vegetarian diet offers you foods that help your body fight off diseases, make you feel great, and in the end, can give you a longer life.




















This website is intended as a reference only, not as a medical manual. The information given is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you feel that you have a medical problem, please seek immediate medical help. Before starting any diet, you should consult with your doctor.

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